Thursday, September 30, 2010

Maddy's Baby Shower Cake

This was for my teeny-tiny cousin Madeline's baby shower. I wasn't super thrilled with it. It was a tiered cake that I tried to frost in smooth buttercream. Buttercream! Tastes so good, looks so bad! Thus you're only seeing the top of the cake. I rolled up bits of fondant to look like rosettes and made my old friends, the chocolate butterflies.

I made a cake for Maddy's adoption day, too, but I didn't get any pictures. It was a sheet cake frosted in much smoother buttercream (hey, I've got to improve sometime) with ladybugs marching across it. If you can't tell, Maddy's nickname is "bug." I can't wait to do a tarantula cake for her 15th birthday party (she'll be in her goth phase then, I'm predicting).

Lauren's birthday cake

I made this cake for Lauren's birthday party. It's my second fully-fondant cake, and I liked how it turned out. It looks a bit lopsided in the picture, but that's partially because of the padded seat it's sitting on. It's also partially because I'm too lazy to level my cakes properly.

I thought this design was part mod, part classy. Inside was a slightly dry red velvet--my oven is annoying inconsistent on its temperatures.

Pacman and Friends

These were for an 80s party--Pacman, Ms. Pacman, and ghosts.

These were last-minute, so they were very easy. The ghosts are actually tulip cookie cutters flipped upside down.