Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ding Dong...Pizza Delivery

Did someone order a pepper, mushroom, and pepperoni pizza?

I made this for a party, and put it on the counter when I walked in. Later on, someone came up to me:

"I said to Irving, wow, she should put that pizza in the oven! Who brings a raw pizza to a party?"

And upon cutting into it, he discovered that it was, in fact, a fully baked chocolate chip cookie decorated to look like pizza.

I liked it. It tasted good. I've also decided that I am a big fan of disguising food to look like other food. I made Bakerella's hamburger cupcakes this summer, but I didn't get a picture. Next up: spaghetti, I think. A bowl of spaghetti.

My only beef, so to say: for the love of pete, I cannot color frosting red. It's always pink.

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