Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin-shaped cake

This cake is the exact opposite of the pumpkin cupcakes. Those: looked bad! Tasted good! This: looks great (though a crappy cell phone pic)! Tasted awful!

I set out to make this cake for no reason whatsoever. I simply wanted to attempt covering a sphere cake in fondant. So I made a boxed cake and frosted it with canned frosting. Then I got lazy and left the cake in the fridge for three days. Then I remembered that I was having my family over for dinner the next weekend, so I wrapped it and put the cake in the freezer. I took it out five days later. So...made, refrigerated, frozen, then thawed, all from a mediocre mix to begin with.

This cake looks great...from one side. See, I was a bit overzealous with the fondant and I rolled it out way too big. So it all sagged and ripped when I put it on the cake. Also, I don't think you can cover a spherical cake with fondant without making a seam. I read instructions on a website that were basically this: "Cover the cake in fondant." Okay! Reality: not that easy. So it was a mess. I covered one side with leaves, which disguised the woodginess. The other sides I was too lazy to cover. It's like the Ace of Base song says..."don't turn around!"

So! Looks good, tastes bad. That's the caveman verdict.

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